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PERU Earthquake Relief Efforts
~ October 2007 PIFP Visit ~

I was scheduled to travel to PERU for a business meeting with my "regular job" this past October, two months after a 7.9 earthquake devastated the southern regions of Peru.

I decided to stay a little longer to Pay It Forward to the people affected by this natural disaster. Together with Sep Niakan, a friend of mine who wanted to know what it was like to Pay It Forward first-hand, we traveled to Peru.

The first 3 day we were in Peru we teamed up with another organization also working to help those affected by the earthquake called Un Techo Para Mi Pais (A Roof For My Country). Sep and I worked three intense days and built two shelters made from wood in the desert areas of Pisco.

Thus far this was the most physical and mentally demanding mission in which I have been involved. Since we were working in the desert areas, temperatures were extreme. The days were very hot and windy and the moment the sun went down it was VERY cold. It was too cold to go back to sleeping in a tent without a chance for a warm shower before starting another hard day of labor after only four hours of sleep.

Yet I knew I would do it all over again the moment we presented the shelters to the families that had lost it all in the earthquake. That moment I knew that every ache in my body, every bead of sweat and every frustration was worth it because we were able to make a difference in someone's life.

The following day we surveyed the rest of the area in which other shelters were being build to asses the immediate needs of these families. Upon our return to Lima and with the help of Martin and Pamela, volunteers from Un Techo Para Mi Pais, we purchased as much rice, beans, powder milk, oatmeal, oil, soap and mattresses as we could fit in a truck. The next day we headed back to Pisco and distributed the goods among the families most in need.

Here are some of the faces and lives your contributions helped bring a ray of hope,

As I mentioned before in many bulletins, paying it forward in these circumstances, where time is limited, many people to help and restricted resources among other things, it make the process of paying it forward a bit hard and frustrating. The moments that make it all worth it are delivering goods to families that have lost it all and feeling the joy and happiness they have that a complete stranger cared enough to come and help them. Every penny invested in each one of our missions is worth that moment in which our lives are forever changed.

Your contributions also helped us establish a small sewing school where many women are learning a new skill and in turn will help them generate an income. During the next few weeks three large tents will be delivered to families that still don't have a temporary shelter.

I would like to take a moment to thank Sep Niakan for choosing to get involved and investing his time and money. Sep also helped raise thousands of dollars to help make a difference in many Peruvian lives.

I would like to thank Un Techo Para Mi Pais for teaming up with PIFP and allowing us to learn how to build shelters and providing them to the people affected by the earthquake. Your contributions bought four shelters of which two were built by Sep and me.

I would also like to thank Martin and Pamela for taking time off from work and helping us purchase and delivering the goods, their help was essential!

Last but not least I would like to thank YOU for your contributions, support and helping us Pay it Forward in Peru.

Thank you!

Denise Bobba

In the wake of a massive 8.0-magnitude earthquake that rocked Peru on Wednesday August 15th, I will be traveling to the affected areas to assess the damage and immediate needs of survivors. The cities of Ica, Chincha and Pisco were the most affected as 80 % of their buildings were destroyed.
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The last official report issued by the National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI) informed the situation up to August 18th: Myspace Codes610 dead Myspace Codes 1,042 wounded Myspace Codes 33,676 houses destroyed according to Government preliminary assessments Myspace Codes 2,574 houses affected Myspace Codes 8 hospitals affected Myspace Codes 4 hospitals destroyed according to Peruvian Government preliminary assessments
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As I will be in Peru during the 1st week of October, Pay It Forward Project urgently needs your support to meet the needs of children and families affected by this earthquake. You are able to help more people as we commit 100% of your donations to the cause!
You can also send your check to Pay It Forward Project - P.O. BOX 903, Ashburn, VA 20146
Your donation will help us rush lifesaving supplies to those in need such as:
Myspace Codes Emergency food Myspace Codes Clean drinking water Myspace Codes Tents and temporary shelter Myspace Codes Blankets and warm clothing
Each gift of $100 will provide emergency care for an entire family.
Please respond generously today!
Thank you for your time!
Denise Bobba
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Here are some additional links, regarding the current situation in Peru:

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