Lunch with Our Homeless Friends

Washington D.C.

January 1st 2007

We started this project to satisfy Denise curiousity as to why people were homeless in America, "the land of opportunity".  Denise used to think that being homeless in North America was a choice.  Through working on this project Denise realized that there are many reasons that can lead to someone becoming homeless; oftentimes reasons out of their control. 

One can read all about the homeless, digest volumes of statistics about how many are afflicted and get to see their plight almost daily in the media. We however, opted to study the homeless from the best source � directly from them in their own words.

After our first experience sharing a lunch with a homeless person, January 1st of 2007, we realized that the reason for this project was not to understand why they are homeless but rather to let them know that there is someone willing to just listen and converse with them.

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Wendy distributing blankets on a snowy day
Denise Distributing food to a homeless friend

We hope you enjoyed reading about our experience and again, we are not trying to reinvent the wheel here; we are two simple citizens of the world who have chosen to get involved.

"It is the possibility of having a dream come true which makes life worth living."

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