2006 ~ 2009


PIFP traveled to Pakistan and here is how, with YOUR help we are Paying It Forward!

Rebuilding Lives through EDUCATION 

During our last visit to Pakistan in 2007, we were introduced to an orphanage called Children Planet.  Located in Islamabad, Children’s Planet is a non-profit organization that was founded in January 2006 to care for the orphans that resulted from the earthquake of September 2005 in Balakot, Pakistan.  The Pakistani Government donated the land where the institution was built and where the organization provides education, room and board to the children that are developing their lives.

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The organization depends on the kindness of private individual donors that help fund basic needs, but they need support to fund other much needed projects. With a staff of teachers, doctors and volunteers to take care of 65 children ranging from ages 8 to 14 and more children waiting to be cared for when funding becomes available.  Education is a growing matter that has to be addressed, more so in this day and age, Information Technology Education.


After getting to know some of these beautiful children, PIFP decided to joined their efforts and implement this computer classroom.  With your help we were able to raise the funds to provide this institution with a fully functional computer classroom, so that the children can learn information technology skills, acquire a lasting education to communicate and interact with the world.

Children’s Planet facilitated a room for this purpose, and 65 eager children who want to learn, and are willing to work as a team to outfit their computer classroom.

YOUR DONATIONS purchased furnishing materials for the classroom, computers and paid for the teacher's 1st year salary!

Pay It Forward Project would like to THANK YOU for your support in changing the lives of these children!