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 Argentina Rainwater Harvesting Project 2012 – 2013

     Current water source for some communities in                  

Las Lomitas, Santiago Del Estero, Argentina


Pay It Forward Project travelled to Argentina in September 2012 on their first assessment trip to assist 30 families in the northern providence of Santiago del Estero with a harvesting rainwater project. This region of Argentina is extremely dry and as the groundwater is contaminated with arsenic and heavy levels of salt, the community is resorting to using water from a manmade pond. This is also an unsafe water source as it is unhygienic and full of bacteria and other impurities. Unfortunately the area was so remote that transportation logistics and time did not allow us to reach the precise community of Las Lomitas in order to do our first site visit. We took the opportunity to partner with Silvia Sternberg founder of Dar Otra Oportunidad (Give Another Opportunity) who has working knowledge of the communities and introduced us to their plight.

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PIFP is a Non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.  Consequently, gifts, contributions and grants of cash are tax deductible under U.S. Federal or State law.
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   Joplin, Missouri  PIFP Tornado Relief Efforts




Pay It Forward Project was honored to embark on our first domestic project by helping Irving Elementary School in Joplin, Missouri as they recovered from the devastating tornado (multiple vortex EF5 rating) that ravaged the city on May 22, 2011.  Irving Elementary which was destroyed during the tornado was leveled mid December with mixed emotions from all that had called it home.
Irving’s students and faculty, many of whom we got to know during our 10 days spent together last August, have an unstoppable “can do” spirit of perseverance.  The school was relocated to another facility named “Washington” and with several trailers set up with classrooms they rolled up their sleeves, worked side by side and lived up to their commitment to open school on time on August 17, 2011, a mere 86 days after the tornado struck and changed so many lives.  We were thrilled to be there with them when they did so!  The NEW “Irvington” is thriving!
With the wonderful support of our donors Pay It Forward Project was able to equip a 3rd and 5th grade classroom with IT supplies to start their school year off in fine fashion! 
 For more information about this project please send us an email at; info@pifp.org

  Haiti PIFP Earthquake Relief Efforts

Pay It Forward Project returned from our first assessment trip to Haiti which was both eye opening and awarding.  Life is moving forward for the Haitians but there is so much need that still exists as the people cohabitate with visible destruction at every turn.  We appreciate your patience as we maneuver the balance of coming back home to our full time jobs & responsibilities and will have our stories and pictures available shortly.

Pay It Forward

For more information about this project please send us an email at; info@pifp.org




El Salvador PIFP Economical Development Program


We are extremely pleased to report that construction on our 3rd and final chicken coop in El Salvador has started! Groundbreaking took place on November 12, 2010 in the town of Chalchuapa, Santa Ana.

For more information about this project please send us an email at; info@pifp.org

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  Pakistan PIFP Children Planet Computer Literacy Program
During our last visit to Pakistan in 2007, we were introduced to an orphanage called Children Planet.  Located in Islamabad, Children’s Planet is a non-profit organization that was founded in January 2006 to care for the orphans that resulted from the earthquake of September 2005 in Balakot, Pakistan.  The Pakistani Government donated the land where the institution was built and where the organization provides education, room and board to the children that are developing their lives.

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  Salvador PIFP First Sewing School in Armenia
For the last several years we have been researching different possibilities to set up a sewing school in the community of Armenia. Finally this year together with the assistance of local and international NGO’s our dream of implementing this Sewing School became a reality. We carefully selected 15 enthusiastic ladies eager to learn a viable skill so as to build their confidence and earn an income for their families which in turn will allow them to paid for their children’s education. 
Salvador PIFP Donates Eye Surgery for a remarkable Lady!
This particular program is the one that holds a special place in our hearts and is the one we are most grateful for being able to realize. We met Delores Ortiz in 2006 when we were distributing rice and beans to families in the community of Armenia. This diminutive lady of 70 years and not more than 4'9" gave our Founder Denise Bobba a bear hug of appreciation that almost took Denise's breath away! Delores is the sole bread earner for a family of 5 as her daughter was unable to work due to a serious illness that she unfortunately succumbed to 2 months after we left El Salvador in July of this year. Delores is now raising her 3 grandchildren by herself.

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  Salvador PIFP provided loans for two Convenience Stores  
Beneficiary JesusMartinez is a local PIFP Volunteer who has tirelessly worked with us for the past five years by identifying the neediest people in the community, distributing clothes donated by you, overseeing our existing programs and acting as our local representative for our beneficiaries.  Following his hard work and dedication PIFP was able to provide him with a loan in order for him to set up a convenience store in his neighborhood.  He will operate the store with a business partner and dear friend Alex Gutierrez. 

 Making a difference ONE person at a time
We are able to help more people by committing
of your donations to the cause
 Donate today via credit card by using the the link below,

PIFP is a Non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.  Consequently, gifts, contributions and grants of cash are tax deductible under U.S. Federal or State law. 

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